Dealing with Life's Challenges

Our well-being depends on how well we adjust to our ever-changing environment and how well we meet life’s daily challenges. This requires a clear, calm, and alert mind.

We run into problems when the voice of our reactive, conditioned thinking (a.k.a., the voice in the head) tries to pre-empt the unfolding of life. Our daily stresses and struggles are a direct result of our failure to think clearly. Like the Hydra of Herculean lore, the triple heads of anxiety, fear, and loneliness, the key ingredients of stress, then become our default state of mind, gnawing at us throughout our lives.

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Is There A Way Out of Stress?

Conventional wisdom says that there is no way out of stress, that we must come to terms with the fact that it is a part of our lives, and that we must deal with it on an ongoing basis. So we try to cope with stress and hope for the best. I look at it differently.

As long as we are unaligned with our environment and with who we truly are, the festering voices of fear, anxiety, and loneliness that propagate in our heads, will continue to dominate us and render us unconscious of our actions. That is because our actions are automatic responses resulting from our deeply ingrained habits, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. As a result, we limit ourselves and our potential, just trying to survive in this world, the best way that we can.

A Radical Transformation

The only way to truly overcome stress is not through “incremental” self-improvements, but rather through a radical transformation—one that is a complete and irrevocable metamorphosis. We transform from a persona that is predicated by the voices in our head, to one that is calm, confident, and powerful—a reflection of the spirit that we truly are.

I demonstrate that when we understand how our mind works, we can learn to quiet the voices in our heads. This brings about a dimensional shift in the way we perceive the world and address life’s challenges. This way of perceiving comes from a different state-of-mind—an expanded state of consciousness if you will. This mode of perception and way of living is not new—it is our natural state-of-being.

Stress-Free, Fully Alert, and Unbelievably Creative

In my book, CALM BRAIN | POWERFUL MIND, I show you a way out of the quandary of stressful living using “inner creativity,” a process that capitalizes on the synergies and integration of both hemispheres of the brain (a.k.a. Whole-Brain Technology). This process combines the proven principles of quantum physics with the meditation practices of the mystics and sages. Together they bring about a transformational shift in our awareness. And with the shift in consciousness, our minds become calm and, therefore, clear. It is a state where you are stress-free, fully alert, and unbelievably creative. It is a way of perceiving the world that is aligned with the reality of the moment, and this, finally, brings an end to our suffering.


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