We experience the world through a continuum between “survival” on the left side, and “creativity” on the right side.

Survival is characterized by increased stress. Our internal reference point is our ego. The voices in the head make us believe that our thoughts are real and that they represent reality.

Creativity, on the other hand, is characterized by decreased stress. Our natural state-of-being now becomes our new internal reference point. In this state, we realize that our thoughts are just mental concepts or representations of reality.

Most of us experience the world through the left half of the continuum and live in a perpetual state of survival and stress. Once we understand how our minds work and realize that thoughts are not real but are merely mental conceptualizations of our egos, the voices in our head begin to subside. Our mind then becomes calm, alert, and therefore clear. A new way of perception emerges… bringing an end to our suffering. We then start to access the wisdom of our true selves and begin to live in a state of creative thought, one of creativity. However, until we reach that state of perpetual calm, our personal world remains imprisoned by our ego and the constant bombardment of the voices in our head.

The Survival | Creativity Continuum