Aziz Velji

The Reality of Loneliness
“Loneliness is not the lack of being with others, it is the lack of connecting with your true self.”

Aziz Velji

Author and Teacher

In my previous career, I was in construction—maintaining, renovating, and building physical structures. Now I am into demolition—dismantling and tearing down all the mental structures I have ever built that were imprisoning me.

My journey into my mind began some years ago, when I became interested in understanding the nature of mind, and how our thoughts affect our reality, or rather, our perception of it. As a student, teacher, and author, my background encompasses specialized areas of study in philosophy, psychology, meditation practices, quantum physics, brain enhancement, neuroscience, and lucid dreaming (also called Dream Yoga). My formal education includes postgraduate degrees in engineering and business management. I have applied these areas of study, as well as my formal training, and my experience working in the corporate and non-profit organizations, to better understand the nature of reality, the relationship between the brain and the mind, and to further advance society, humanity, and most importantly, our potential as human beings.

My book, “CALM BRAIN | POWERFUL MIND: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential,” is the culmination of all the work I have done on the workings of the mind, the nature of reality, and the power of the subconscious mind. It is about how we can understand and eliminate stress and, in the process, trigger a powerful transformation within us. It is a journey into the mind to rediscover our natural state-of-being, and as Socrates said, to know thy self.

I use my transformative experiences and insights to bridge stress, science, and spirituality. What I found in my own experience about the calm, alert, and stress-free state or our natural-state-of-being mirrors what dream yoga alludes to and what quantum physics is pointing to. It is what the mystics have been talking about over thousands of years and what our right brain hemisphere has been telling us all along by providing us with insights, flow moments, and peak experiences. To the mystics, this rediscovery of our natural state-of-being is something mysterious… that they call “enlightenment.” To me, it is neither mystical nor mysterious. But rather, it is a deeply felt insight and a profound sense of wonder, one that allows us to view the world in a new and enlightened way. This is what it means to be human.

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