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Realigning the mind for optimal brain function, performance and productivity.


Realigning the Brain for Optimal Brain Function and Performance

Instead of talking about ways to hack your thoughts or give band-aid solutions to manage chronic stress and achieve peace of mind, I approach stress and mindfulness (a practice that counters the effect of stress and makes our mind resilient) from a very different perspective. I give you a new framework based on the mind and our brain structure.

The discussion about the brain will be simple, and everyone will understand it, i.e., no techno mumbo jumbo. I want to show you something basic about the brain (and the mind) so that you can take charge of it right away to bring about a calm, alert, agile, and resilient mindset …. in less than a few minutes.  And I also want to show you how you can learn to sustain this state of mind over longer periods. Then the chances of mental health, peace of mind, and happiness in the long term increase significantly. If I teach you some hacks or give you some “cosmetic” solutions… as soon as you walk out of this seminar, the chances are you will forget them when you get busy with your work.

Part I

  1. Meet your brain: a short introduction. Discover how your brain structures control your attention, emotions, and decisions.
  2. The realities of stress—how stress is triggered, and how chronic stress impairs brain function and changes its structure.
  3. How to take charge of your brain—NOW. When the brain is integrated and in sync, there is coherence, harmony, wellbeing, and creativity. When the brain is not integrated, your default is a wandering, anxious, fearful, and unhappy state of mind.

Part II

  1. How running on autopilot affects out thinking and our lives.
  2. Mindfulness at work.
  3. The power and benefits of meditation. Meditation reinforces mindfulness. It restructures the brain, organizes the mind, and makes the mind calm, alert, resilient, agile, and creative.

Part III

  1. Meditation made easy. The five components of meditation—learning to sit in silence, understanding the process of relaxation, learning how to use your breath as an anchor, training your attention and understanding the state of awareness.
  2. A short practice to reinforce what we have learned.

Ready to Transform?

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