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Meditation: The Art of Going Within

This webinar will show you how to integrate sitting meditation and daily mindfulness practice so that it becomes a way of life for you. Then there is no such thing as going into meditation. With practice, your whole life can eventually become a meditation.


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Calm Brain | Powerful Mind

Calm Brain | Powerful Mind is a comprehensive and seminal self-help book about how a person can eliminate stress from their lives in order to access the inherent power of their mind, and live a happy, healthy, and creative life. There are many books that discuss ways of controlling stress, but this book seeks to help the reader understand the true causes of stress, and how the various parts of the brain are critical in its development… and ultimately, in its removal. As well, the book explains and provides the tools (like meditation) that can be used to eliminate stress from a person’s brain, mind and their thinking.

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