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By Jamie Michele

Calm Brain Powerful Mind: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential by Aziz Velji is a non-fiction self-help guide with the aim of burrowing down to the root causes of stress to eliminate them as opposed to simply learning how to cope with them. This concept is what sets Velji’s work apart from other guides that may appear to be on the same wavelength at first glance but, on further reading, most certainly are not. 

Creatively illustrated self-help book about how a person can eliminate stress from their lives to access the inherent power of their mind. It links the relationship between developments in neuroscience, and quantum physics to stress, mental health, emotional intelligence, and the teachings on meditation from the East, to help the reader understand the true causes of stress, and how the various parts of the brain are critical in its development… and ultimately, in its removal. 

BookLife Prize 2020

I am delighted to share the Critic’s Report of Calm Brain Powerful Mind by Publishers
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Donovan’s Bookshelf March Issue

By D.Donovan

Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Calm Brain Powerful Mind: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential is a self-help program for abolishing stress using brain power. It is recommended for readers who would adopt strategies presented as a series of ‘journeys’ that range from sitting in silence and conscious breathing exercises to understanding the science and art of applied meditation techniques. 

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