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This webinar will show you how to integrate sitting meditation and daily mindfulness practice so that it becomes a way of life for you. Then there is no such thing as going into meditation. With practice, your whole life can eventually become a meditation.

Meditation: The Art of Going Within

In this webinar, we will look at the science and power of meditation to change us and, in the process, bring about a transformational shift of our awareness.

Studies have shown that meditation brings about fundamental, verifiable, and measurable structural changes to our brain. It integrates and synchronizes the sub brains, making the whole brain coherent, harmonious and creative. When the brain is not integrated, it stays on autopilot, making us unconscious of our actions. Then our default is an anxious, fearful, unhappy, and chattering “all about me” mind. This webinar will show you how meditation has the ability to overwrite our subconscious programming and help us break free from the autopilot syndrome.

The Science and the Power of Meditation

This webinar will give you a new framework based on the mind and brain structure.

Using simple language, you’ll be shown how we lose control of our brain when we are stressed and how to take charge of it to bring about a positive mental state that will develop calmness, clear-sightedness, and the ability to handle stress in less than a few minutes. You’ll learn how to sustain this state of mind over longer periods to increase your chances of good mental health, peace of mind, and joy.

Realigning the Brain for Concious Living 

Choosing Hope: Ordinary People doing EXTRAORDINARY Things

A discussion with Munira Premji on using the mountain metaphor as a framework to transform your life.

Real Talk with Gary: Calm Brain | Powerful Mind

A discussion with Gary Hibbert on Calm Brain | Powerful Mind

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