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An Exceptional Book

Calm Brain, Powerful Mind is an exceptional book. As someone who is always dealing with the constant pressures and demands of a busy personal and work life, this book helped me to better understand how to deal with and work towards eliminating my anxiety and stress. It helped me to better understand why I often feel the way I do and provided me with the tools and methods to work towards leading a stress-free life. I recommend Calm Brain, Powerful Mind for anyone looking for help to eliminate stress from their lives and become a better person.” 

Simon Parkin, Best Selling Author of Hiring Right & Founder of The Talent Company, a Career Partner International Firm.

Bravo! A Transformative Read

“Bravo! A transformative read… the quantum science behind the human potential and a clear roadmap to accomplishing its requisite inner peace.”   

Shelley Richardson, M.Ed., Publisher |Author |Educator

WOW!!! By Far the Best Book I have Read on the Topic

“WOW!!! By far the best book I have read on the topic. You have succeeded in taking the woowoo out of what usually comes across as woowoo! You communicate clearly and convincingly that we need to understand our inner self. Your tools are simple and simply awesome. Available to all. I will need to gift this book to all my friends as soon as it’s out in print. Please sign me up for 10 copies. So grateful to have met you and to have had the opportunity to read this life changing book”

Dr. Areef Nurani, Optometrist

Helps People Break Their Cycle of Stress

“The book, Calm Brain, Powerful Mind, truly achieves what the author set out to do—help people break their cycle of stress to achieve happier and more fulfilling lives.  He does this by bringing us into his world and showcases how stress affects our lives and provides us with tools that are enshrined in scientific research and age-old practices of meditation to achieve a more balanced and peaceful life. Many people today are constantly stressed.  They are constantly seeking ways to achieve inner peace.  If you are one of these people, this book is for you!  It is an absolute read for those who want to truly develop practices to decrease stress in their lives and achieve happiness.”

Mina MawaniHealthcare Executive

What a Great Read!

“What a great read! Everybody knows stress is a killer, literally, but fewer realize it leaves our thoughts scattered and unfocused, our emotions agitated and even defeated, which simply creates more stress. In Calm Brain, Powerful Mind, author Aziz Velji emphasizes the need for focus and clear intentions in order to get things done, and he shows how this can be achieved. Aziz describes both the human brain’s structure and how thinking works. As a lifelong career songwriter and creative person, I am always torn between my creative impulses and the ceaseless chatter of my unfocused mind. It keeps me from writing and producing music at times when I could most benefit from doing so. Calm Brain, Powerful Mind describes, engagingly, the limitless potential of a calm brain, and Aziz describes the path to calmness in a simple, connect-the-dots way. I am inspired to see beyond the limits my own mind has deemed immovable and to calm my thoughts to achieve my own unlimited creativity.”

Blair Packham, Musician/Composer/Educator

A Book That Provides Some Useful Answers

“With mental health and workload stress becoming an increasing phenomenon in academia, I was intrigued by this book because it attempts to explain the science behind the practice of meditation. Calm Brain, Powerful Mind by Aziz Velji is an unassuming, non-academic text which links the relationship between developments in neuroscience, quantum physics, neuroplasticity and the teachings on meditation from the East.

From the perspective of a student, early career researcher, professional, or for that matter, anyone who is walking life’s journey, this book introduces the background one needs to prove to us that learning to silence that critical or egotistic voice in our head is the first step in learning to minimize stress and conditions relating to stress, such as imposter syndrome and academic exhaustion which are increasingly prevalent in higher education institutions.

Velji promises these techniques [in the book] provide clarity and enable the creativity to flow – not something that can be readily dismissed in this competitive world.” … In a world that prioritizes speed over quality (which we know so well in the academic world), this is a book that provides some useful answers but not in the form of a quick fix. It is important to understand this.”

Nazlin Bhimani, Librarian

A Very Impressive Book

“VERY impressive book… your acquired knowledge of the brain, psychology, physics and “the psyche” was incredible, and must’ve taken MANY years for you to research these things… I must admit, this is not the type of book I would typically read… I am… a very concrete black and white medical physician/educator… but I actually enjoyed what I read.” 

Dr. Jeff Habert, Physician/ Educator

Wow! A Compelling and Powerful Book

“Wow! Calm Brain, Powerful Mind is a compelling and powerful book AND easy to read! I enjoyed reading and learning about how stress affects us. My initial post-secondary education is in the sciences and I have not taken the opportunity to learn about meditation or philosophy. Aziz’s book has given me an understanding of the ways that philosophy, meditation and brain science interconnect. Aziz’s work on the evidence-based benefits of meditation is amazing. I found the information on stress and the development and working of the brain very useful not only for myself but also in relation to my charity work.”

Tricia Cisakowski BSc MBA

Achieve a Calm, Alert & Stress-Free Mind

“This book is a well written and creatively illustrated self-help manual to help you achieve a calm, alert & stress-free mind around distractions and anxiety!”

Azim Jamal, Best Selling Co-author of The Power of Giving

Insights that are Truly Unique and Transformative

“Through a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach, Aziz Velji has cleverly deconstructed the art and science of stress for the average person. The insights in this book are truly unique and transformative given the deep emphasis on heightened self-awareness as a basis of achieving sustainable mental well-being. I would strongly recommend Calm Brain, Powerful Mind as a comprehensive roadmap for anyone ready to embark on the journey of self-discovery and wellness.”

Sam Erry, Seasoned Executive and Values-based Leader in the public sector

Thoroughly Engrossing From Start to Finish

“I found the content thoroughly engrossing from start to finish, as I keenly perused every chapter and illustration, not wanting to miss any of the profound “out of the box” ideas and discoveries. These have been developed masterfully chapter by chapter, for an effortless read and access to stunning epiphanies that will delight readers, resonating with their shared experience of stress in mundane life.

The book achieves its purpose by using practical, everyday examples to express the reality that we each create for ourselves. The examples and tools used are incisive and elegant, drawing insights from the widest spectrum of disciplines. Probably no field of study of the brain-mind is missed in this compelling synthesis of science and wisdom.”

Shiraz Hameer, Partner, MNP LLP

I Absolutely Love Aziz’s Book

“In this day and age, all of us are trying to keep up with our everyday fast-paced life and are bombarded with tremendous stress. I absolutely love Aziz’s book because he explains everything so well breaks everything down so we can understand how to manage stress. This book is perfect for everyone, young and old.”

Dr. Michael Lee, Chiropractor and Active Release Provider

An Outstanding Contemporary Work

Calm Brain and Powerful Mind is an outstanding contemporary work that seeks to situate the practice of meditation, common to many cultures and faiths, in the context of scientific research. The book unfolds by socializing the reader to the relationship between living in survival mode and creativity, and artfully leads the reader through the challenges of our daily lives where we are more connected today, yet are lonelier than ever before. In tackling a complex topic, the author leads us on a four-step journey in climbing a mountain to help us comprehend our personal view of the world, the mental stress in our lives caused by uncertainty, how the brain functions and how stress can be permanently abolished to realize transcendence and transformation. A must-read!”

Nizar Sultan, Business Economist and Strategic Planner

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