Seminars, Workshops & Tools

Our seminars and workshops are an excellent way to accelerate your transformation to a stress-free life


Learn insights in the areas of stress, emotional intelligence, positive psychology quantum physics, brain science, and the wisdom of the mystics and sages including their practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Apply evidenced-based science backed by world experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and quantum physics.

Acquire a set of skills, tools, and techniques that will help you undergo self-discovery, shift your thinking, achieve a state of peace and focus, and access your true power.


The 7-Day Mental Diet is a powerful tool, one that can greatly reduce the time required to transform to a stress-free state-of-being—in as little as 7-days. This tool helps the individual overcome the main obstacle in transitioning to your natural (true) state-of-being, quieting the voices in the head in order to become fully aware.


The Mindfulness Journey at Sixsense
“Thanks to the support of my good friend Aziz Velji author of Calm Brain Powerful Mind, we recently embarked on the journey of mindfulness at Sixsense. We’ve completed 3 workshops and also introduced breathing exercises into our daily practice. Over the next few months, we will be working together on other meditation and relaxation exercises…. If you are interested in the practice of mindfulness, I highly recommend a conversation with Aziz!”

Zo Ratansi
President Sixsense Strategy Group, a consulting company working on strategy, and communications for the life sciences industry.


“Invite Aziz Velji into your living rooms and organizations and you will discover a purview into “mindfulness”. His seminar series and book Calm Brain Powerful Mind offer a path to re-connect our inner selves to the power of the brain in a most respectful, informed and enjoyable way…It was educational and a reminder of the fundamental need to be in-sync with ourselves and others…Aziz was ever ready to answer our questions. He helped [us] to realize that the present is what matters and that the past and future should not be a distraction.”

Respecting Elders, Communties Against Abuse is a volunteer group of elders from the ethnocultural communities of Montreal working towards a culture of respect for all

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